12V Universal Auto Remote Control Door Lock Keyless System Burglar Alarm System Remote Door Vibration Rear Trunk Start Stop Horn

12V Universal Auto Remote Control Door Lock Keyless System Burglar Alarm System Remote Door Vibration Rear Trunk Start Stop Horn
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Oписание продукта

auto car engine start stop by mobile app gps online real time tracking alarm trigger sms to mobile app keyless central door lock
cardot  new product
PKE+GSM+GPS tracking+push start stop+remote start stop+car alarm+bypass output
supporting petrol or diesel car
supporting manual or auto transmission car
we won\'t send you mobile! mobile photo in the main picture
only shows GSM and GPS feature!
we won\'t send gps battery,because gps module get power from alarm host.
 Important attention:  this product does not have auto start ,does not include shock sensor,ultrasonic sensor,if needs it adds extra value 
this product has remote start stop and push start stop 
we sent cargo without sim card,you need to buy sim card in your country.if your car has chip immobilizer, you need to buy bypass or use other way to avoid chip immobilizer 
as for package box,we will use any one that we have in stock,thanks 
by the way,car must be mechanical steel wheel lock and electronic central lock
if you choose other remote such as C,D,E,F will add extra value
as for remote start,you must connect handbrake wire to your car  handbrake switch.
Model No:688BN
Warmly reminding:
we will publish 4G smart phone car alarm with adding video recording and wifi 
function,please keep touch with us,we will share the latest news and the most competitive 
offer with you!
special remind:
it is real 2G version!it can work with our smart car alarm system,it supports 2G SIM card,3G SIM card,4G SIM card.
but it must have 2G net in your country,please choose our 3G module if your country has not 2G net!
we have this product user video and installation video in youtube,you can contact us to 
get video link!
we have english manual,russian manual,portuguese manual for this model!
we won\'t send gps battery,because gps module get power from alarm host.
Real product : 
product standard composition:
1 car alarm main unit,1pc start stop button,2pcs smart keys,1pc main cable,1pc start 
cable,1pc reset button,1pc alarm led,1pc alarm antenna,2pcs pke antennas,1pc gps control 
moudle,1pc english manual,1pc color box. 
product optional compositions needs extra value :
1.ultrasonic sensor;
2.window closer module;
3.car alarm siren;
4.smart key silicon cover;
5.killer start relay;
6.bypass module;
7.SOS button;
8.external voice speaker;
Mobile APP main Functions:
APP lock car door
APP unlock car door
APP open trunk
APP finding the car
APP start engine
APP stop engine
APP GPS online location
APP history record replay
APP alarm information reminder
APP voice monitoring
the second generation adding functions:
1.mobile app vechile manangerment;
2.sms enable or disable gps location anti tracking;
3.alarm phone calling reminding;
4.Bluetooth auto lock or unlock car door;
5.external gps or gsm antenna for receiving better signal;
6.external voice monitoring speaker;
7.SOS button reminding;
8.GPS module with seperate lock or unlock relay built in;
9.extra and extended killer relay starter wire;
10.gps module battery is optional;
11.luxury new APP profile.
APP function details : 
page 6
page 8
page 8
Product Basic Functions:
Smart car alarm Product Basic Functions:
1.Passive keyless entry
handfree lock or unlock car door without pressing remote lock or unlock button.
when you approach to the car,car door is auto unlocked at 1-3M,
when you leave the car at 1-3M,car door is auto locked.
pke function is enable status:
1.When pke function is enable status,take the smart key away from the car,car door will 
be auto locked;take the smart key near the car,it is auto unlocked status.
2. when pke function is enable status,remote unlock outside of the pke induction 
range,car door will be auto locked after 25 seconds.
3.when pke function is enable status,but pke is outside of the low frequency antenna 
induction,you can not push start stop engine,but you can remote start until you press the 
brake or open car door and then engine will be off.
pke is disable status:
4. pke function is disable: in arm,you press remote unlock button,you never open the car 
door,car door will be auto locked after 25S.
5.pke function is disable: you stop engine,open the car door and close the car door,take 
the remote away from the car,car door won\'t be auto locked after 25 seconds and anyone 
can enter the car and push start stop engine.if car door will be auto locked after 
opening door action,sometimes it will lock your keys inside the car.
6.pke function is disable:pke is outside of the low frequency antenna induction,you can 
push start stop engine as usual,and then you also can remote start but engine will be off 
when you open the car door or press the footbrake.
2.Push start stop engine
press the footbrake and press start or
stop button to turn on car engine or turn off the car engine
without pressing the footbrake,it is ACC-ON-OFF circle
when you press start button
3.Remote start stop engine
in arming,hold remote third button more than 3seconds to start engine,
hold remote third button more than 3seconds again to stop engine!
4.Hopping code protection
5.handbrake auto checking
this is for remote start security purpose!
6.side door alarm
in arming,if someone try to open car door illegally,our system will make sound alarm
7.central lock automatication
when you press the brake and drive the car,car door is auto locked,and then
when you turn off the car engine,car door is auto unlocked!
this function can be disabled!
8.remote open trunk
hold the unlock button for more than 2seconds,trunk is auto open!
9.RFID anti-collision tech
10.FHSS high security design
11.outside learning button
12.ultrasonic sensor output
13.supporting auto transmission or manual transmission car
14.supporting diesel or petrol car
15.support+/- siren or +/- trunk direciton conneciton without adding any relays
16.passwords keyless entry without smart key remotes
if smart key battery is dead or is broken,driver still can enter the car and drive!
17.outside learning button or emergency reset button
if remote battery is dead,at this time,alarm is triggered,
you can hold the reset button to release alarm.
18.3D smart key remotes
19.3D pke antennas
20.fuel path wire connection or not by dip setting
21.smart anti-hijacking mode
22.shock sensor alarm
23.open door flashing light
Product details:
function 1
function 2
function 3
function 4
Cardot smart phone car alarm advantages:
1.Supporting 2G/3G/4G SIM card;supporting andriod or ISO smart phone control!
2.Supporting SMS mode and APP data mode,double mode app control car without data traffic!
3.if our GPS function or APP is upgraded,it is not necessary to return gps module to 
us,we can upgrade your system online,it will save much trouble and cost.
4.Cardot GPS module matched with cardot top qualtiy keyless entry&engine start stop 
5.Our product is cardot brand product,don\'t worry about quality.
6.Our GSM and GPS antenna is external,signal is better. 
7.There is voice monitoring function!you can hear talking inside the car.
8.when you use mobile app to stop engine,it is more safe.when car speed is less than 
20km/h,plus passwords confirmation,engine will be off by mobile app operation.
9.when trigger illegal open door,illegal start,shock alarm,motion alarm,your mobile app 
will get alarm message reminding.
10.GPS location is real time online!
11.SMS cut off car fuel or reset car fuel for anti hijacking purpose!
12.bluetooth mobile APP control the car without gsm or gps signal!
13.bluetooth auto lock or unlock car door!
14.APP car manangement!
15.SOS emergency help calling!
16.GPS function enable or disable by SOS!
17.We can send you free value API file when you order qty is more than 100pcs one time!
18.we can make customized product or service by your order requirements!
Installation guide: 
installation 1installation 2P7P8