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Pendulum Clock Electronic Desk Digital Office Decoration Office Accessories Decoration Desk Office Table Decoration 50Y032
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ceramic lotus support encens ambientes aromaterapia home decor keramic zen garden incense burner Essential diffuser backflow incense cones sticks sandalwood powder parfum car aromatizer diffuser aromatherapy holders Smell Atmosphere Censer
Item:Backflow incense burner
Electronic Backflow Incense burner Creative Home Decor LED Glowing Ball lamp Censer Use In Home Office Teahouse
In ancient times, people will often burn deodorant in the wood. Therefore, before the ancients always incense burning furnace, read or play art, cleaning their thought, make them focus.
-Exquisite workmanship, can be a classical furnishings, with meditation and aid-sleeping effect
-As a refined interest, or for your special hospitality
-Small size, easy to carry
  • Applicationg Incense:Backflow Incense
  • Application Area:piscina,smokehouse,temple,spa,living room,office
  • Use:aromatherapy,ornamental,meditation,sand ceremony,Home decor
  • Material: Purple clay Base+Transparent plexiglass tube+Purple clay Holder
  • Color: as picture
  • Size: as picture
  • Package included: 1 x Incense Burner Holder + 10 x Backflow incense cones
Because of the size measurements are handmade, so there may be 0.1-0.3CM error
Dear buyer,When you buy ours incense burner,I will give you some different fragrance of incense cones or sticks as a gift,And I will stick labels on each cones.
These cones or sticks are our shop available; If you like some kind of fragrance, you can buy it in our store; Please be sure to collect our shop.I will provide you with the best service and products
The difference between Backflow incense and Cone incense:
Backflow incense in shape is the same as the Cone incense, usually assumes the tower of the vertebral bodies. But Backflow incense inside is empty, there is a round hole at the bottom and inner cavity link. But the Cone incense inside is solid.
when Backflow incense Burns, cavity internal incomplete combustion produces a large amount of smoke, under the influence of gravity, the round hole at the bottom of the outflow, backflow incense smoke particles is large, settlement of smoke quickly gathered to form like the running water, strange vision.
When Cone incense burns, the smoke particles are small and light in diameter and spread directly into the surrounding air along with the air flow.
therefore, the fragrance of Cone incense spread faster, but the backflow incense is the feature of appreciation, they have different characteristics, when the choose and buy, please pay attention to their own advantages, choose the appropriate incense products.
Of cause the backflow incense burner is diffrent of Cone incense burner.This is a backflow incense burner  
incense burner size
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Burning incense is an effective way to beat stress, encourage balance, and breathe new life into old routines.  In the hustle and bustle of modern society, it can be challenging to make time for ourselves and escape from the busy pace of everyday life.  Burning incense is a pleasant sensory experience that people have valued from time immemorial, and the practice is being revived more and more as people realize how important it is to attend to often neglected aspects of wellbeing, such as mental and spiritual clarity.

Burning incense has a salient impact on our environment and surroundings. The fragrance of incense sticks changes our emotions, perception, and moods. Incense can energize, relax, and harmonize. The resins and botanicals in incense help us to reconnect with nature and plants as a vital life source.  We can activate visual, olfactory, and auditory awareness by accentuating incense use with ambient lighting and soothing background music. The stimulating and invigorating effects certain types of incense sticks may be helpful in fortifying our overall potential and energy when we are weak, discouraged, or fatigued.

Incense has been employed for medicinal and aromatherapy purposes since ancient times. Burning incense frees fragrant chemicals into the air and has a pharmacological effect when inhaled. Incense burning was used successfully to alleviate respiratory illnesses, muscle tension, rheumatism, pain, and insomnia. People have also used certain types of incense as a disinfectant, such as lavender incense during childbirth. Incense burning is even more advantageous when accompanied with other therapies, such as massage, color therapy, and psychotherapy.

Stick incense is derived from many different global and cultural traditions (i.e. Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, etc.). The individual recipes, appearance, and names of stick incense emanated from the complex social, medical and spiritual practices of those who created it. Therefore, stick incense is considered a very broad, umbrella term and could never sufficiently describe all varieties. To help clarify expressions, one must start by grasping the basic types of stick incense and the two fundamental categories: cored stick and solid cylinder incense.

1.Cored stick incenses
Cored stick incenses are formed when incense dough is rolled around a narrow bamboo reed or it is dipped into paste. The amount of time the incense will burn depends on the density of the core, with thicker cores lasting longer. The aromatic smoke emitted will encompass the smell of the burning core, which is usually bamboo. Cored stick incense is typical of Indian and Chinese varieties.
Cored Stick Incense
2.Solid cylinder incense
Solid cylinders may also be called spaghetti stick incense. Like the name suggests, these incense sticks are solid all the way through and do not have a central bamboo core. They can be either smooth, skinny, spaghetti-like sticks or denser hand-made cylinders depending on the country of origin.
Solid Stick Incense
3.Dhoops(Armario Incense)
Dhoops are compact incense sticks and are produced to different size and width specifications.  The two common forms are rigid dried out incense sticks or pliable logs and cylinders. Dhoops do not use a stick at its center.  Many dhoops contain extremely concentrated aromas and emit a lot of smoke when burned. Dhoop sticks and logs are most typically featured in Indian rituals. The most famous dhoop is likely Chandan Dhoop. It is made with a high concentration of sandalwood.
Armario Incense
4.Cone Incense
Incense cones are simply conical shaped masses of hardened incense. Like stick incense, incense cones come in numerous varieties based on the diverse combination of ingredients.  Incense cones emit a somewhat different smell than the stick variety because there is no stick burning alongside the actual raw ingredients.
Cone Incense
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ceramic lotus support encens ambientes aromaterapia home decor keramic zen garden incense burner Essential diffuser backflow incense cones sticks sandalwood powder parfum car aromatizer diffuser aromatherapy holders Smell Atmosphere CenserItem:Incense